Portrait by Juan Aldabaldetrecu, background photography by Rinko Kawauchi

Led by Juan Ramirez, BOTC helps its clients to create and elevate their brands by translating zeitgeist and strategy into engaging brand stories and visual worlds that build relevancy and recognition.

Juan has spent over 17 years advising commercial and cultural organisations, governments and public figures worldwide on how to nurture and elevate strategically, creatively and socially their brands. 

Juan’s particular vision on branding is informed by his sensibility to capture the current zeitgeist, his years of nomadic life living in Bali, Tokyo, London, NYC, Kolkata, Washington DC, Madrid, Oxford and Bogotá and cross-cultural experiences working globally with two recognised authorities in the world of brands: Wally Olins CBE, a pioneer of contemporary branding, and Mario Testino OBE, one of the world’s most influential photographers and a prolific cultural entrepreneur.

Juan started his career in management consulting working in the Government Practice of PwC (PriceWaterhouseCoopers) in Washington D.C. and a short stint as an assembly officer for the United Nations.

It was this unique background that led Juan to create Brands Of This Century.